South East Asian & South Asian Makeup

South Asian women have often struggled when it comes to makeup that not only reflects our bold personalities, but also compliments our yellow undertones.

Dark and olive skinned beauties look best when there is a golden rather than ashy tone to their foundation. Young Asians desire their natural skin colour and prefer the centre of their face to be naturally highlighted.

Indian brides are enhanced with tasteful, gold iridescence on their eyes or slightly on the lower lip to compliment their elaborate jewelry. Mediterranean lovelies prefer everything from minimal to intense makeup – balance is key. In the Scandinavian, British Isles or cooler countries, complexions are extremely pale to ruddy requiring neutralizing the undertone.

Traditional Indian dress can be complimented with an array of rich blue-reds. And of course, with the traditional white wedding dress, the bride is best complimented with a lip colour that harmonizes with her colouring and attendants’ dresses and flowers.

A few considerations for dark and olive skin:

Use liquid foundation to even out your skin tone
Women with dark complexions often have problems with an uneven skin tone. A good foundation will help even out your skin tone. If you can’t find one that matches your skin perfectly, it may help to mix two foundation shades together. After you have moisturized your skin, apply the foundation all over your skin with a flat-top brush or cosmetic sponge.

Don’t skip the powder
Since darker skin tones tend to get oily, it is important to always use powder. After you have applied your foundation, sweep some translucent powder on your skin with a large powder brush. Carry your powder in your purse so you can touch up your makeup in the middle of the day.

Wear a darker blush color
Fair-skinned women depend on blush to warm up their complexions. Women with darker skin tones can get away with not wearing blush. However, blush is always nice to wear on special occasions. Coral, deep orange and wine blush colors typically look the best on dark complexions. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush. If your blush is not showing up on your skin, apply a crème blush under it to increase the intensity.

Avoid pale, frosty lip colours
Pale, frosty lip colors look unflattering on dark skin tones. Lilac and nude lip colors tend to wash out women with dark complexions. A nude lip can be done, but the tones must be chosen carefully. Choose shades like burgundy, wine, brown, red, orange and plum. Add a clear lip gloss on top so your lips look extra shiny.

Have fun with eye shadow colour
Unlike fair-skinned women, dark-skinned women can get away with wearing a lot of different eye shadow colors. When you are at work or school, apply a gold eye shadow to your eye lids. At night, you can wear blue, green, purple and even copper eye shadows.
Embrace your dark skin by wearing makeup colors that complement it beautifully.

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