It’s no secret – there’s a lot of work involved in being a knock out.  There’s nothing like looking like your knockout self on your big day.  Let us come to you and make sure it’s done right.

Through consultation, we’ll walk you through what you need, step-by-step.  From your brows to your bronzer, we’ll help you plan for you and your bridal party’s needs.

TrialTrial Make-up

Hair or Make-up     starting at $135

Hair & Make-up      starting at $250


  Bridal Hair + Make up 

  Bride                          starting at $250

  Maid of Honour     starting at $200

  Bridesmaid              starting at $200


 Bridal Hair or Make-up only 

  Bride                           starting at $175

  Maid of Honour      starting at $150

  Bridesmaid               starting at $150


Deal-Luxe Package

We know you’ve got a lot to do the morning of your wedding, and we’re always the first to arrive.  We’ll happily take some of this organization off your plate, and we’ll bring along an array of snacks, juices, teas and coffees (made by a local caterer) to keep your wedding party well nourished for the long day ahead of them.