Bespoke-Makeup DIY Eye Makeup Remover & Brush Cleaner

Making your own products is an environmentally friendly way to take care of your skin, and save a few pennies. Results may vary on some brands of waterproof mascara. For gentle cleansing, choose organic and scent-free products where possible.

Eye Makeup Remover

1 cup of water
1 1/2 tsp baby shampoo (tearless)
1/8 tsp baby oil

Toss all ingredients in a bottle or small jar and shake or mix well. Shake first and apply with a tissue, cotton pad or ball.
Watch: If any method irritates eyes or the surrounding skin, please discontinue use.

Household Oils That Work/Substitutes :
Baby or Mineral
Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
Unscented Baby Wipes

Super Duper Brush Cleaner

1 cup of distilled water
2 Tbs of rubbing alcohol
1 Tbs of baby shampoo

Fill a small bowl with chosen recipe.
Swoosh the brush around in the mixture, rinse with water to get rid of all traces of soap.

Maintenance Tips:
Every month they should be washed thoroughly.
Don’t use the same one for both light and dark shades–use one for each. Helps prevent streaks when applying light highlight shades.
Try using a daily skin cleanser when washing the brushes. This helps avoid allergic reactions as the professional products can be harsh.
Once done, reshape immediately and allow to dry. Make sure they are thoroughly dry before using again.
When they start shedding and the bristles frizz, replace with new ones.

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