Makeup for Dark & Ebony Skin

We can’t all be super model Alek Wek, and have a barrage of stylists and artists at our beckoned call. So it’s time to learn how to do it ourselves.

Foundation for dark Complexion

For a perfect makeup, key is the application of foundation. For dark complexion too, it is no different. Make sure to have perfect base of make-up by foundation. Base of the makeup is prepared by optimum use of concealer, foundation and the makeup powder. Before preparing base, have proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. You can choose oil-free, water based, liquid foundation. Color of foundation should match with tone of your skin. Shade of foundation should not be lighter than your skin as it will appear as mask or unnatural and layers of makeup are more visible on dark skin than the fair skin. Here blending is of much importance to avoid any uneven tone. When you apply makeup powder to set the foundation, make sure that it is translucent or just lightly tinted. Makeup powder should absorb oil and give face a shine free look.

Eye Makeup for Dark complexion

While applying eye makeup, you better avoid light, powdery and bright shade to cover whole eyelid. Instead of these you should go for dark browns, copper, prunes and burgundy. Dark metallic colors also look good. Always dust a little loose translucent powder over the eye shadow for smooth and subtle glow while getting ready for evening event. For a day look, you can apply gray or brown eyeliner. To offer thickness and volume to eyelashes, apply mascara.

Lip Makeup for Dark Complexion

As far as lip makeup for dark skin is concerned, avoid frost finish lipsticks and choose matte finish ones. You can choose shades of browns, burgundy, berry shades and plums. Other colors, which suit dark skin, are shades of beige, soft pink and gold. There are many lip colors like mochas, coffees, chocolates, dark plums, berry shade, wine shades, burgundy, nude pinks and nude beiges look great on dark complexion. Never apply an orange shade. If you have dark toned lips, prepare a base first by a lip balancer.

Tips for Makeup of Dark Skin

– Dark Skin is less prone to pimples and blemishes so provides even tone for foundation blending.

– Liquid foundation is best for the dark Skin as dark skin has tendency to shine and cream foundation will make it worse.

– Best way to blend foundation is to mix distilled water in it and blend it in skin by rubbing otherwise there will appear streaks of foundation after sometime.

– If you have dark skin, less the makeup, better it is. Your focus should be on enhancing it’s inner glow and highlight the natural color. It is better to accentuate natural shades of skin then by trying to blend different colors.

– It is better not to apply eyeliner and if you apply it use it sparingly in a thin line along with the shape of your eye. Never apply it on the lower lid. It will give artificial look.

– Choose mascara with natural or clear color. If you have long lashes, do not apply black mascara; it should be used only for separating the lashes.

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