Make-up for Moms

For mature women, I keep to matte lipstick. Lips become smaller as we age, so ideally she should switch to sheer or creamy lipstick in light, neutral shades that contain a slight pearlescent glow. She can apply a light highlighter around the perimeter of the lips to enhance their natural lip shape.

Lipstick colors can bleed unless you seal the lips with a lip liner. Make sure not to use colored lip liners that match your lipstick like the old days because you’ll get a ring around the mouth when the hue wears off. Instead, you want to apply a neutral lip liner that matches your real lip color to keep lipstick from seeping into fine lines around the mouth.

Stay away from powder foundations that can look chalky on the skin and enhance any wrinkles or creepy texture. Opt for liquid foundations that contain natural botanicals and antioxidants that feed the skin.

Thin brows can age you, so try and fill them in naturally with a fine tipped eye brow pencil and choose a waterproof formula so it stays put all day. Use small feather-like strokes, and if you feel you overdid it, grab a synthetic fine-tipped brush dipped into a little foundation to tone it down.

Avoid getting raccoon eyes during the day by applying waterproof eyeliners that have staying power along the upper lashes only.

Mascara can be a real mess when it smudges on lids that tend to get heavier as we age, so use tube technology formulas to guarantee lashes that last. You don’t need makeup remover to take this formula off at night—just wash your face with warm water and cleanser, and the mascara easily slips off into little tubes.

Shimmery and glittery eye shadows can look strange on older skin, so use sheer matte or slightly opalescent colors across lids. A good test to see if you are on the right track is to apply the color to the wrist and then walk outside and look at the shade in the sunlight. If you see little squares of shimmer, it’s too much. If it just looks glowing and blends easily into your skin, it’s just right.

Those dreaded chin hairs happen to the best of us when time goes by and sometimes plucking isn’t enough, Make an appointment with your dermatologist and schedule a series of laser treatments to eliminate all those nasty little witchy hairs.

Add a pop of color to the face to create a refreshed and youthful look. Apply a creamy blush just to the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your fingertips.

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